Modern product data platform

Azimuthe is a modern and sophisticated service in the SaaS model, an advanced proprietary taxonomy management system for the database model, automatic translations into foreign languages, compatibility with the requirements of different markets, creation of visual content, implemented proprietary mechanisms for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, automatic data control, flexible integration, all of this allows the service to be modelled in an innovative way and in line with current market needs.

Organisation settings

Simple and effective management of your organisation's parameters.

List of product cards

Clear and easy-to-read list of product cards

Card edition in English lang

Add and edit cards in one of the supported languages (Polish, English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian).

Automatic translation of product data into different languages and markets.

With a single click, automatically translate the contents of the product card to the respective sales market. 

Card collections

A useful aid to product card management.


A useful aid to product card management.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning mechanisms, you will significantly speed up data entry.

QC - quality control of product datah

Our QC team will quickly and efficiently verify the product information for content quality and legal accuracy.

Detailed information on ingredients

Our systems will granulate the composition and analyse it themselves.

Drafting - versioning

Previous versions are always at hand.

We look forward to cooperating with you